Stuffing and De-stuffing


We Stuff and De-Stuff your Containers

Stuffing and de-stuffing play an integral part in the supply chain process. We have the appropriate equipment to safely offload and reload cargo, avoiding damage and saving time.

How We Do It

At McJuro Investments LTD, our expert staff uses appropriate equipment to quickly and safely load the cargo into containers according to customer instructions. Upon request, these services can also be provided at the customer factory site or facility. We can offer efficient and timely handling of your freight needs. Whether it is ongoing, or a one time need, we have trained staff and proven processes to allow stuffing services.

During container de-stuffing we take the loose cartons from the container and re-palletise them for safe distribution, which forms a part of our overall cargo handling services. The goods are split onto different pallets depending on their final destination. In this way, we ensure that our service levels are maintained and the quality of delivery to the customer is en-sured. Not all companies have the capability to accept goods in this way, but McJuro Investments LTD have experienced cargo handling staff to manage the process your goods will be safely stored at our Dar es salaam warehouse where the de-stuffing process can be carried out and the goods can be safely shipped.