We process both sea and air freight. We operate at all ports in Tanzania for imports. We use essential documents you provide regarding the consignment. We process imports through TANCIS.


We process both sea and air freight. We work with all shipping lines and air freighters operating in Tanzania. We facilitate the processing of essential documents for exporting goods out of Tanzania.

We arrange for stuffing of containers for sea freight and unit load devices for air freight. We arrange stuffing at a factory or warehouse. We arrange transportation to port and airport terminals. We facilitate preparation bill of ladings and air way bills. We negotiate prices with freighters. We facilitate fumigation of export consignment and obtain phytosanitary certificates. We facilitate the acquisition of legal certificates of origin.

Transit Border Clearance

We offer Transit Border Clearance understand to many of the landlocked destinations including Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zaire (DRC), Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Kenya. We are present at all border posts such as Horohoro, Namanga and Tunduma.


We process documentation to adhere to laws and to be compliant. We offer documentation services at a competitive rate to facilitate the process legally.

We offer extensive documentation services at competitive rates that allow our clients to focus on their core business, whilst we take care of all trade associated documentation.

  1. Certificates of Origin – Local Chamber, SADC, COMESA, AGOA
  2. Special Certification such as CNCA Certificates (Angola) & Cargo Registration Notes (Gabon)
  3. Cargo Inspection including Quality, Moisture and Weight Control
  4. Documentation Translations
  5. License and Permit Applications
  6. Consular Legalization
  7. Phytosanitary Certificate
  8. Fumigation Certificate
  9. Cargo Insurance
  10. DG Forms
  11. ATA Carnets

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We offer both road and rail transport. We provide tailor made transport services to suit the client’s needs. We process transport permits.
We use specialized equipment such as side lifters, cranes, forklifts, car carriers and low-loaders when required. We use the rail network offered by TRC and TAZARA when the client needs the service.


Project Cargo

Machinery Movement

We process heavy cargo. We have a list of equipment to handle heavy cargo such as: in gauge and out of gauge containers, break bulk cargo, open top containers, flat rack containers, on site assembly and manufacturing and heavy lift services with cranes. We have experience in specialized shipments.

Heavy Lift Transport

We use lo-loaders transportation for oversized cargo all over East Africa.

Door to Door Service

We supply tailor made door to door services for companies and individuals.